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Willkommen! Bine aţi venit! Üdvözöljük! Welcome! Dobro došli! Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! May 17, 2007

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Welcome to CarpathiaNet – The Hospitalitynetwork for sustainable travelling and staying in Europe!
Please find further information about the network, hospitality and services in Europe by navigating the country sites on your right.
CarpathiaNet is a volunteer run project of the NGO Sustainable Sighisoara and in continuous construction. The approach is simple and network oriented. Our aim is to promote interesting travel destinations and interlink information about those destinations. Our target group are travelers interested in the culture, everyday’s life, natural and built heritage of a country, region, town or village and are open for the unexpected, for alternatives and discoveries…
CarpathiaNet perceives itself as a continuation of Hospitalityclub and Couchsurfing. Several CarpathiaNet members and the project coordinator are active and enthusiastic HCSers! CNet wants to be one of the ‘first’ address for HCSers wherever free accommodation is not available…
And since we want to offer you fresh and usable information, please please please give us FEEDBACK through short comments about good accommodations, destination, services you found on your way! OK?! Hope to hear and read from you!

Enjoy traveling and staying with us!
More information soon!

Hans Hedrich, project coordinator